Green Stream International
Green Stream International
Green Stream International
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Greenstream International is the most innovative remarketing solutions provider in the industry. Our customized recycling and...

Responsible technology recycling through
environmental stewardship and employee empowerment.

Who We Are

Greenstream International is comprised of seasoned supply chain and logistics experts who provide responsible, reliable and secure solutions for recycling, harvesting and reselling technology equipment and components.

What We Do

Greenstream develops tailor-made solutions for recycling, harvesting and resale of consumer and commercial technology equipment with a focus on wireless devices and components, consumer electronics, and enterprise infrastructure equipment.

How We Do It

By forging long-term partnerships with customers, Greenstream International leverages decades of collective supply chain and logistics experience to mitigate the negative environmental impact of unused and end-of-life technology.

Why We Do It

As the use and waste of technology grows exponentially around the world, Greenstream International has a deep-seeded concern for the environment and is committed to delivering solutions that preserve natural resources for future generations.

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